Bad Crypto Backup Ideas Crypto Hoard

Just though we would recommend a few points on how NOT to backup your seed words. Ultimately this is up to you, but these are worth mentioning as bad crypto backup ideas, can be very costly. We have also posted a few blogs with regards to Best Practices. You may find these interesting, and worth a read or listen to with our audio automator.

A Few Donots below

  • Do not store your Backup Seed File on a computer or in the cloud.
  • Some people in the past have split their phrases into manageable chunks and put them in different locations. This is not the best idea as if you loose a part of that overall seed list then this becomes null and void. You will then not be able to retrieve your wallet. Secondly, if somebody else finds one part of the Recovery Seed words then it becomes easier to hack the Wallet. This reduces the probability of security. If you need to store your Cryptocurrency Wallets in multiple locations. It might be worth going down the route of a multi signature wallet instead.
  • Do not make up additional words in your password and randomly place them in your Seed Phrase List. The Seed words are industry standard and come from a dictionary. For example the Bip 39 Standard wordlist has 2048 words and each word is assigned to a number. If the word you made up is not part of the wordlist then these can just be filtered out by a hacker or someone with a bit of patience.
  • You could memorise all the Seed words once they are generated using some interesting memory techniques (Mnemonic Peg), but this could be detrimental if you forgot over time. This is not the best method to use but there maybe circumstances in life where you have no choice. If so this should be a temporary measure.

So the above are some bad crypto backup ideas which we would not recommend. There are tried and tested methods so try not to reinvent the wheel, if it works its works.