What is Crypto Hoard?

We are Crypto fans that wanted to provide solutions to problems we saw in the marketplace.
How many backups can I make with Cryptohoard?

Each plate has space for 12 words – so in our basic kit we provide 2 plates for a total of 24 words. Or 2 x 12 seed word phrases (Mnemonic).
I have more than two wallets. Can I buy extra plates to make extra backups?

Yes you can buy refills via the shop.
Can’t I use my own punch?

Sure – if you feel confident then just buy the refills directly.
Do you ship to my country?

Yes we do ship globally.
How much are the shipping costs?

We have a standard rate for international shipping. We only use leading companies such as Royal Mail, UPS, FedEx, DHL and DPD. The rate is 15 euros per shipment.
Do I have to pay import duties?

In some areas there will be rules on duties cases your parcel is checked by customs. If there are duties on our product the percentage should be below 3%. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding customs.
Can I pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum?

Yes of Course.
Can I safely pay by credit card?

Yes, our secure payment provider Stripe enables our International customers to pay with credit card. We are also an SSL encrypted website..
Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes , we are linked direct with with Paypal through our payment card direct.
How does the money back guarantee work?

You have the right to cancel your order up to 14 days after receiving the product and without giving any reason, provided that the product has not yet been used. If the product is used or damaged, you cannot return the product. If you have some doubts then please contact us.
How do I return the plates?

Contact us and please give the reasons for your return and we will work out the rest.
Do you have any video instructions?

Yes we have tutorials on all our steel plates in our support section on the website. We also provide a sample paper plate in the kit so you can practice and check your data before punching.