Stake with us on the Cardano Network using your ADA and maximise your crypto rewards.

Delegate to us, our Stake Pool is called: HOARD

Hoard ADA Crypto Hoard
Hoard ADA Crypto Hoard

Hoard ADA Crypto Hoard

Annual Reward Rate 3% – 12%

Hoard ADA Crypto Hoard

Cardano is a decentralised blockchain and cryptocurrency project. It requires many node servers on the network to validate and secure the blockchain for all contributors, and we are one of them.

If you hold any Ada cryptocurrency in your portfolio, you can partake in this activity and earn rewards by staking your Ada.

Your Ada remains in your control at all times and you can transfer, spend, or move your staking delegation to another stake pool at any time.

Hoard Pool Information

Hoard ADA Crypto Hoard

Ticker Hoard

Hoard ADA Crypto Hoard

Commission 4%

Hoard ADA Crypto Hoard

Payout Frequency Every Epoch 5 Days

Hoard ADA Crypto Hoard

Expected Reward Rate
3% – 12%

Hoard ADA Crypto Hoard


  • Mission: We are here to help the decentralisation of Cardano. 
  • Contact:
  • Website:
  • PoolID: 81513973d897547309a685b7053aad72eda7291946e96aa30639689f
  • Location: UK
  • Pool Infrastructure: Google Cloud using Linux. 8gig ram x 4 cores.

Why delegate to Hoard?

How are we adding value to the community is probably the question you want to know right?

As well as the Hoard node, we manufacture, design and produce discreet, cost effective Stainless Steel Seed Wallets. This helps delegators permanently protect their Mnemonic Seed Phrase once they (or you) have created your wallet for staking.

Using Daedalus or Yoroi, you will always have to right down your seed phrases. Typically 24 words for each wallet you create using the industry standard Bip39 Wordlist.  

Alternative Steel Wallets are really expensive, especially as most of you have already… or will Hoard away more than 5-10+ wallets as crypto enthusiasts.

Use coupon code “Ada” to get 10% of your steel wallets. If you have a big order, ping us an email and we can arrange a better price for you.

You can use the Steel Wallet to secure your Seed Phrases on your wallet in an almost indestructible format. Water, damp, fire, pressure, chemical resistant. see below for more information.

The smallest, most practical and cost effective Steel wallets. Back up your Cardano Staking Wallet with ease using your seed phrases from your Hardware of Software Wallet.

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