Crypto Hoard has been created to give you some knowledge on how to store your cryptocurrency. We can show this through a variety of mechanisms using crypto wallets, hoarding ideas, best practices along with additional security measures.

Being your own bank and protecting your assets takes responsibility.

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Hints & Tips

Hopefully some of these hints & tips from Crypto Hoard will help you on your way in this complex array of blockchain technology. We hope you follow the same journey, and pass the knowledge on when you can. If we have missed anything, made any mistakes or you have any additional ideas, please do let us know.

The idea for this site is first and foremost to help you in the understanding of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency. From our perspective we are learning as much as you. It is a huge space, with over 2000 Cryptocurrencies and amazing decentralised technology.

The space seems pretty complicated right? But hopefully, by breaking some of these elements down into layman’s terms, you will be up and running in no time. Once the fundamentals are in place, you can dig a little deeper into the areas which interest you more.

It’s clean and legible

This website was designed to be clean and legible, and hopefully a fast navigational experience. No out of date cryptocurrency data streams, social media irrelevance, last years breaking news or end of life RSS feeds.

We don’t take sides

We aim to be crypto-coin agnostic, for you to make your own decision on what works for you. This could be from a technology, investment and ideological viewpoint. Sometimes a few common coins may be suggested, or specific crypto coins we may give as an example which have a tech use case mentioned in a blog. We will also talk about 1st (Bitcoin), 2nd (Ethereum) and 3rd (Iota) Generation Cryptocurrencies through out the website. This will by no means an advantageous ‘shill’ plug.

Would you like to contribute?

We have lots of ideas, but not enough time, get in contact if you would like to share our knowledge or express yourself!

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